We always strive to have the top notch Kentucky Bed and Breakfast, constant changes happening so it is new and refreshed on each visit.

The Pool Side Room is now a gorgeous cream color of paint and all new bedding. This created a very romantic room with the deck overlooking the pool and vineyard. Truly a great escape! In about three weeks we will have new custom drapes hung in the room. This will soon be a favorite room here at the inn.

We are so excited, we just installed new carpet throughout Southern Grace Bed and Breakfast. It was a chore to move all of the furniture out of each room but thank God for strong backs of David and Brian and a couple of others! If you have never been here what better place could you find? If you have been here, it’s time to come back and see the great improvements we have made and of course we would love to see you again!

One last thought! Christmas is right around the corner, what better way to support small business America and give  agift they really want! We offer gift certificates and we will get them in the mail to you with some info about our great inn!

Southern Grace Bed and Breakfast in Brandenburg, Kentucky; where Southern Casual Hospitality meets lavish luxury!

We miss you guys! Come back to the inn! 


Dumas the Sheepdog DiesDumas the Sheepdog

Southern Grace Bed and Breakfast guests have always had a spectacular greeter come to their car and walk them to the front door.  Dumas was the pool lifeguard as he always waited for the guests to get out of the pool before he dare left poolside. Dumas escorted our guests on their long walks and to the fishing ponds as if to lead them or take care of them to not get lost. For the many guests that came during thunder storms he was the entertainment of a lifetime, he chased lightning and caught raindrops.

Last night, Dumas walked with our guests down the long private road and played and ran like a two year old. On the way back he collapsed and we had to get the truck and pick him up. He died this morning and we are so sad! Dumas outlived his breed life expectancy by about 3 years.

I know that our guests that have visited have all loved him, but one couple. He has been entertainment and brought much laughter to all.  Please see what Dumas says about breakfast at Southern Grace Bed and Breakfast. http://www.southerngracebb.com/breakfast.php

Saturday night, Dumas had his last hurrah for chasing lightning. I always knew he would die still thinking he was two. He was high spirited and Southern Grace Bed and Breakfast loved him! I have never cried when I lost an animal, I was raised on a farm and animals had their place and usually it was soon to the market or whatever. Dumas was special, we loved him dearly and he loved us.

Southern Grace Bed and Breakfast will still go on with Dumas’ memory. If anyone knows where to get a special Old English Sheepdog please let me know.

Last year we hosted David’s father’s 100th birthday at Southern Grace Bed and Breakfast. Tomorrow he is turning 101 years old and has not slowed down a bit! He gardens, he drives and his memory is fresh. His main complaint is that they make him get his driver’s license every year now and he has to be full price, every year. He just went and took his drivers test and he Passed WITHOUT glasses! So we are anxiously awaiting the 101 year olds birthday party tomorrow! I am sure this summer he will drive over to see us and deliver a watermelon he grew himself. His are always bigger than ours!

Visit Southern Grace Bed and Breakfast and see the pictures and hear the stories! we also are updating our website www.southerngracebb.com

Hope to see you soon!

We are so excited to announce that Southern Grace Bed and Breakfast is going to be featured in Florida Travel and Leisure Magazine in an article titled Some B&B’s You Just Can’t Resist!  We are also are being featured on the Taste of New York TV show as one of the South’s most romantic inns! Look for these happenings in May of 2012.


David and I decided that this gorgeous and romantic Southern Bed and Breakfast is the perfect wedding venue. Since we began hosting weddings we have had couples come in from Ohio, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana , Kentucky and Michigan! Why would wedding couples come from so far? The same reason we have garnered so much national attention in the travel industry! Southern Grace Bed and Breakfast is the definition of quaint romance!


Southern Grace Bed and Breakfast is the perfect and affordable elopement destination for many reasons. First, we earned more five star reviews on TripAdvisor.com in our first year, than any hotel, motel or Bed and Breakfast in Kentucky during the same period. We have four private, luxurious rooms and our honeymoon suite has over 800 sq. feet of lavish luxury.  Goose down feather beds, goose down comforters, Ralph Lauren duvets, 600-thread count sheets, Jacuzzi tub for two, glass and marble shower for two and total privacy makes for a perfect wedding night! We even spice up the honeymoon suite with rose petals around the tub, candles and red satin sheets!


Southern Grace Bed and Breakfast is a luxurious getaway that happens to be home to a small farm as well. Come enjoy a cool swim or just relax poolside among the wildflowers, blooming roses and dozens of fanciful other wildlife. Fish in our fully stocked pond and par take in the best romantic star gazing anywhere! Sit poolside next to the fire pit at night and enjoy the frog songs and all the other unmistakable night songs of the South! This will be sure to relax and mesmerize even the toughest city slicker out there!


When it comes to weddings we take care of every detail so you don’t have to! We have many affordable wedding packages to choose from. You can have an outdoor wedding under your favorite blooming tree, or at our gorgeous pool house! Or, you may choose to have an intimate wedding in our Grand Parlor. Make your dream a stress free reality! A minister or magistrate, a professional photographer, your-choice wedding music, wedding cake, homemade punch, champagne toast and a bridal bouquet with fresh flowers with your choice of colors make the package complete.


We are a Five Star getaway and will spoil you with our lavish luxury! Choose one of our all-inclusive elopement packages or all-inclusive intimate wedding packages. Don’t wait any longer! This is the place of which you’ve been dreaming! We can’t wait to meet you and share in your special day! Please visit our website at http://www.southerngracebb.com and call us toll free at 855LUXSTAY!


Southern Grace Bed and Breakfast is the perfect wedding venue and for a winter wedding we are simply the best. Decorations of live cedar and poinsettia are the perfect backdrop. We provide a beautiful wedding, reception and the most luxurious honeymoon suite of all! Luxurious red satin sheets, rose petals, bubble bath for the Jacuzzi and candles. We can arrange a bottle of wine for the room as well. So for the most gorgeous wedding venue check us out! Call now and we will help you pick out an affordable wedding package.

Gluten Free Breakfasts are a big deal and we have the best!

We at Southern Grace Bed and Breakfast want to meet all of
our guest needs and will go to every extent possible to assure that is the
case. Well that includes diet needs as well!

We have created a menu for our Gluten Free guest and all we
have heard is, “Those are the best waffles I have ever had in my life
anywhere”. Well what else would you expect when you are getting home made
sweet potato pecan waffles with real maple syrup and two organic free range
eggs and the best bacon that can be found anywhere on the planet, (not our
words, that is what our guest say!) . Or blueberry waffles loaded with plump
juicy blueberries and home made blueberry sauce with the free range organic
eggs and bacon. And as always you can get turkey bacon if you choose!  If those don’t suit your taste we also do regular waffles from scratch of course and our gourmet oatmeal is offered in gluten free. We will be in the Gluten Free Restaurant Guide,  Triumph Dining, next year. So now when you need a 5 star getaway come to Southern Grace Bed and Breakfast, just outside of Louisville and you don’t have to bring yor food with you!  You will be served  the best Gluten free breakfast in Kentucky and probably in the USA! Our guest rate them 5 star…. so I guess you just got to book a room now and try this awesome menu!  www.southerngracebb.com

Plus we are a great luxury bed and breakfast resort offering Kentucky Farm Stay options to include fishing, duck feeding, alpaca farming and lots of other great outdoor activites.


Bessie is our newest edition to the Southern Grace Bed and Breakfast Resort Farm. She is sooooo cute! We got her about  a week ago. Her mama had died drowning in a pond, so the owner called us to see if we wanted her. Now there is more to wanting her than just getting her and putting her in the pasture. She has to be fed a bottle three times a day.

Do you know how many guest have never fed a baby calf that actually want to feed a baby calf? A bunch! so Bessie gets fed a lot! Why don’t you make your reservations to come feed the baby calf!